“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” -Warren Buffett

About Us

Hello and welcome!

We're Justin and Amy, the couple behind Own it: Your Debt-Free Life!  We are currently living the life of our dreams with our daughters, Maddy and Leah. We grew up in small towns and neither of our families had a lot of cash as kids, but we have great parents and people in our lives who taught us we could achieve our dreams while living within our means. 

We became passionate throughout university and early in our marriage about saving cash, reducing expenses and spending where it matters most to us (this will be different for everyone).  

Since graduating university (with sizable student loans) and being married in 2006, we've removed unnecessary costs from our life which has resulted in us avoiding credit card debt, paying off our student loans in just a couple of years and allowing us the financial freedom to buy a beautiful home and greatly reduce the amortization period for that home with a goal of fully owning our home, cars, and possessions before we're 40! 

Just before Justin's 30th birthday we bought the car he had been dreaming about since he was 10 years old! A Porsche 911! And in 2014 we were able to sell our home, move across the country to the province we grew up in and buy our dream property, all the while decreasing our mortgage!
Our purpose in setting up this site is to help you with your personal finances and in simplifying your life so you too are able to realize your dreams. 

We're living proof that with some determination and simple choices, you can make your financial dreams come true and live the life you want! So follow us and we'll share practical ideas to help you along your journey.

Justin & Amy
P.S. shoot us a note any time and we'd be more than happy to share some advice!