“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” -Warren Buffett

New Year Reflections

I hardly know where to start in reflecting back on 2021.  We couldn't have predicted the way last year would play out.  I was joking the other day that I remember when we thought March break would only be one week and how ridiculous that sounds looking back.  While there have been many jokes about the
dumpster fire of a year we had, there was so much good in our world amidst the chaos.

We made some major changes as a family.  In October, Justin left his 15-year career in favour of owning a small business, Molten Creations Inc..  This has been a dream of his since before I knew him!  We also celebrated ending 2020 with discharging our mortgage!!  I can hardly believe, still in our 30s, hubby owning his own small business and me continuing on part time have been able to discharge our mortgage.  

For the year ahead, our plan is to continue arranging life so that we require less and less cash to support ourselves.  The cheaper our life is to maintain, the less we need to save before we retire.  We've already made significant strides as a result of installing our ETS unit and solar.  We looked back at our power bills over the years and realized that in 2020 we paid HALF what we did in 2015 for power.  That accounts for rate increases during that time, adding a pool, continuing to use our hot tub, two of us working from home (including the business). Primarily offset by solar, but also by our Time of Day rates we get because of the ETS.  

I'm also challenging myself to create delicious food for less.  I've started the year on a sourdough kick, making all the bread and baked goods I can instead of purchasing.  I will certainly purchase as needed, but when I can make a delicious loaf for less than half the cost of purchasing, I will do that when I can.  I also have a pretty good stock of quick ready meals in the freezer so on those hectic or exhausted days I can grab something with less effort than it takes to get takeout.  I've always done meal planning to some extent but I hope to continue and expand on that a bit this year with more bulk cooking a few times a year to refill the freezer and then living simpler/cheaper in between.

We also will be seeking to create space, for friends, laughter, rest, and time to be bored.  Again, it's something we've always worked towards but in this season of busy careers and small children it's been harder to find.  The more we intentionally choose "less" the more space we have for "more".  Less stuff, less debt, less rushing is leading us to more freedom, more choice, more time.

What are your goals for 2021?  Financial goals?  Health goals?  Life goals?  Share with us and lets encourage one another in reaching them!   

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