“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” -Warren Buffett

Sunshine Blogger Award!

I was surprised and delighted to learn that I was nominated for my first-ever Sunshine Blogger Award! It's possible you've come across it on other blogs, but I'll share a little background info here in case you haven't.

What’s the Sunshine Blogger Award?

Sunshine blogger awards are a peer-given award.  They are awarded from blogger to blogger to recognize content creators who are sharing positive, inspiring stories, information and spreading sunshine within the blogging community.  It's a great way to find and explore some other blogs, and share the love in your blogging community!!  You can get to know each other better and may find some new favourites!

Sunshine Blogger Award Rules

When nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award, there are four simple rules to follow:
  • Thank the person who nominated you. Add backlinks to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions they posed to you.
  • Nominate another 11 new bloggers and give them 11 new questions.
  • Include these rules in your post and use the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post.

Who nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award?

Many thanks to Chrissy @ Eat Sleep Breathe FI for the nomination!!!  Chrissy is one of the best content creators in this space in Canada, she has a great list of Canadian FIRE bloggers which is well worth exploring, she co-hosts Explore FI Canada podcast and is a positive voice in the FI community.  

My Sunshine Blogger Award questions

  1. What’s your number one tip for someone just starting out on their financial journey?
    • I love this question!!  My first tip would actually be a question... How do you eat an elephant?  Answer: one bite at a time.  You don't get to FI overnight, nor even close to FI.  It takes thousands (millions?) of small decisions day after day to add up to a place where your finances are in the position that working is a choice, not a necessity.  So I would urge someone newly considering their finances to just really understand your cashflow (what comes in, what goes out, how often) and then start to build from there, one decision at a time.

  2. If you could start your financial journey over, what would you do differently?
    • I am not someone who really focuses a lot of regrets or what I would do differently, because I believe the choices I made in the past directly influence the person I am now, and the choices I make now.   If I could do something differently I guess it might be to set up a self-directed investing account sooner.  But honestly, at that time in our life, I wouldn't have had the confidence and likely wouldn't have used it.  So... maybe the end result would have been the same.

  3. If you have a partner (or if not, a close friend or family member) what’s one way they’ve inspired you to do better with your finances?
    • My hubby and I are thankfully on the same page with regards to our finances, it's never  been a huge area of conflict for us. I think the way he's inspired me to do better is by being on the same page, agreeing that we look at major purchases and consider alternatives, but when the time is right we spend the money without guilt!  After all we aren't saving it all, to never spend it!  It's about prioritization and choices.

  4. Name one area in your financial life that you’d like to improve on.
    • Food!!  This would also positively impact my health as well.  By trimming down what we're eating and when, doing away with pricy snack foods for kids lunches and so on, I suspect our health and finances would be positively impacted.

  5. Can you share your top three money-saving apps?
    • Questrade - where I manage my DIY investments
    • PC Express/PC Optimum/Flashfood (technically 3 apps but I use them all together) - I do all my grocery shopping via Click and Collect and FlashFood= 0 impluse buys! Just today I got 1.75kg of organic plain yogurt for $1 on FlashFood! Whatever I don't use before it expires in a few days will get popped in the freezer to be defrosted for baking as needed!
    • Amazon - I keep a running list of things we need so I can compare prices when out shopping and keep an eye on when a good deal shows up for something we're looking for.

  6. What’s your most unconventional money tip?
    • I guess for me this would be to look for and seek joy in your life.  Money matters, a lot (especially if you don't have it).  But don't let it become the thing you are seeking.  I have chosen for almost 10 years now to work part time, because time with our family and less stress for our family was more important to us at this point in our lives than the extra income I could earn.  So we've purposefully chosen less in some seasons.  But that less, gave us more.  More time, more freedom, more moments with our kids, snuggling on the couch.  Seek joy first, and let your choices around finances reflect those things/experiences/time that bring you joy.

  7. Other than blogging about money, what do you most enjoy doing in your free time?
    • Spending time with my hubby, our kids, our Australian Shepherd pups, swimming in our pool in summer, hunkering down with Netflix on a rainy afternoon by the fire when the weather isn't as good.

  8. Tell us something about yourself that would surprise your readers. (It can be anything—it doesn’t have to be money-related!)
    • While we are frugal and have achieved many things as a result of that, we've also spent A LOT of money... As I shared earlier, it's important to seek joy, look at what you want your life to be and actively work towards it.  At some point I'll share the full story, but one of those things that likely doesn't make sense from the outside looking in, is that when our oldest daughter was a year old my hubby bought his dream car - a Porsche 911.  We also spent a significant amount pursing parenthood given that we required IVF to get pregnant for both our kids.  I sometimes describe it as "frugal with a purpose".

  9. What’s the most impactful eco-friendly (or eco-frugal) thing you do everyday?
    • There is probably a number - for the most part if I can find a reusable option, I go for it... But the biggest one I see is that in my eldest's first year of school I was sending juice boxes every day to school.  We NEVER buy them at home so it felt so expensive and wasteful.  When my second started school I found these reusable juice boxes and haven't bought juice boxes since!!  Now we can fill them with what they want and there is no waste, we are on our second set now 3 years later with no signs of needing to replace anytime soon!!!  I estimate each one easily replaces 4-500 juice boxes!

  10. If you had one environmental wish for our planet, what would it be?
    • That our lives are as non-impactful on the environment as possible.  That we co-exist with nature peacefully instead of destroying it.  We strive for this by living as "small" as possible, buying local when we can, reusing/repurposing when we can and coexisting with nature as much as we can.

  11. Which blog post of yours do you absolutely love, but doesn’t get enough attention? Also: why do you love it?
    • It's a short post, but I think SO critical to all of this discussion... Finding your why!  I love it because without a "why" any change you make is unlikely to succeed, and so I think before you can really jump into a FI journey, you need to find your why!

My Sunshine Blogger Award Nominees

This one is a bit hard for me as most of the bloggers I would nominate are already nominated :)  However, here's the list of folks that I think you should check out their blogs!  Share the love!
  1. T on FIRE
  2. Million Dollar Journey 
  3. Calm ‘n Cents
  4. Balancing FIRE
  5. Modern FImily
  6. Tawcan
  7. Money in your Tea
  8. Modest Millionaires 
  9. The Fioneers

My Sunshine Blogger Award questions for my Nominees

    In case any of y'all haven't been nominated yet, and want to answer my questions, here they are!!
    1. What is your WHY for FI?
    2. Do you put more emphasis on the RE part of FIRE or the FI part?
    3. How you think life when change when you hit your FI number?
    4. What is your #1 savings tip/life hack on your journey to FI?
    5. What is your favourite part of your FI journey?
    6. What passions do you have outside of pursing FI?
    7. What area do you think you've saved the most money on?
    8. And what area have you spent the most on?
    9. When did you become interested in FI? 
    10. What's ahead for you on your FI journey?
    11. What is your favourite blog post?
    Thanks again Chrissy!  This was a lot of fun!

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      1. Thanks so much for answering my questions! Your answers were interesting and revealing.

        I love that you say you're "frugal with a purpose"—us too! Like your husband, mine also bought his dream car. Yes, it set us back on our FI journey. But for his happiness, it was worth it.

        Your 11 questions are fantastic! Can't wait to read what our blogging friends reply with. :)


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