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In the Kitchen: Saving with less waste

This week I'm writing about three ways we've managed to save a bit of cash and lessen waste in the kitchen!  I've been striving for small changes we can make that over time, will add up to make an impact.  One of the biggest is reducing plastic waste in the kitchen.  Here are 3 of the ways I've managed a small change to do just that!

1. Silicone ziplocs: These are great for freezing all sorts of stuff, storing soups, etc.  They stand up nicely when the bottom is flatted for filling, are dishwasher safe and seem incredibly durable.  I've started re-hydrating beans in my crock pot (more on that another day) and find these are perfect to store all my hydrated beans in the freezer!

I've had mine since July 2019 without any sign of wear and they are in regular rotation.  There are a number of styles - this is the type I have.

2. Beeswax wraps: I bought these locally about 2 years ago, and have since purchased the DIY kit to make more of my own.  They are in regular use here, and my first couple, most used ones are starting to show their age.  I may re-wax them if I get another kit, or will shred and toss in the compost :) These save a lot of saran wrap. Note: these are not appropriate for wrapping raw meat.

I don't believe I've shared here yet, that we are starting our own hive this spring.  Eventually I hope to be able to make these as gifts for friends along with beeswax candles, lip balms, etc.  If successful, this may become a side hustle in the future for us.

3. Pour over coffee: At home we use a coffee perk, french press or our espresso machine but at the office I had fallen into a k-cup trap as there was a machine there, it was quick and easy and required little planning.  Not only was there significant waste, but also the cost was much more significant than just coffee.  I felt better about k-cups than getting take out coffee every day but it still wasn't ideal.  While I don't work in the office anymore, last year I purchased a pour over coffee dripper very similar to this.  It's fantastic when you need an individual serving of coffee, quickly and have a kettle available.  The coffee is excellent, and there is no waste, beyond the grounds you compost after you've made your cup. 

So there you have, a few of our favourite money and waste saving products/tips in the kitchen!  What are your favourites?  Share in the comments as I'd love to incorporate more waste and money saving tips into our life!


  1. I'd never heard of silicone Ziploc bags before—what a great idea! Also, while I've used beeswax wraps, I hadn't heard of kits to make them yourself. Thanks for teaching me two new things today!

    One simple way we waste less is by keeping our fridge at the optimal temperature, cleaning it regularly, and storing your food in the right fridge zones.

    Most of us don't realize we can really extend the life of our foods by doing these three things. :)

    1. Yes the silicone ones were something I happened across when looking for more of the cloth ones the kids use in their lunches. They are a bit hard for kids to open but great for kitchen use, soups, etc and for freezing. Have definitely become a favorite.

      I should check the temp on our fridge. My hubby taped the humidity things on the fruit and veggie drawers so they'd stay in the right spot. It makes a difference for sure!!


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