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Goal Update - Q1 Covid Edition

Remember that time life was simple and we made plans and expected they would happen?  Yeah, last month.  And then... life changed, quickly, massively, and in ways we can hardly fathom.  In an effort to get back to normalcy in the midst of chaos, I'm using a brief moment of quiet to write.  We created some goals for our family for 2020 and it's time for our first quarterly update!  I'm pleased with some areas, others may be less realistic now that our life is... this.  Without further ado, here we go!
  1. Amy write and publish 20 (or more) blog posts and share our site more frequently and in different places.
    • On track: 7 post so far, 13 to go and 9 months left!
  2. Amy further refine our budget template and share this year.
    • On track: This is planned for a June post (one year after originally posted). The budget template is one of our most visited posts!
  3. Amy lose 20 (or more pounds) and in turn reduce my blood pressure.
    • On track: I saw my naturopath in February and tweaked my eating to help balance my hormones.  I'm shocked and thrilled that I am down 12 lbs (in 7 weeks) as a result.
  4. Justin take on one paying photography client.
    • On track: Justin has purchased several things second hand to get started and put together a website to share his talents.  Under current conditions we'll see how realistic this goal ends up being. Either way, I expect some great shots of our family and pups this year.
  5. Justin get a beehive up and running to supply our own honey and beeswax (and hopefully some awesome homemade gifts for next Christmas).
    • On track: We attended a Beekeeping seminar at our local library in February.  Last month, we purchased the equipment to build the hive at home.  It's assembled and waiting for the outdoor paint/stain we need to finish it.
  6. Family: take the next step in Agility training with Kiah (our 9 month old puppy).
    • Not on track: Classes are being cancelled at the moment and we (unexpectedly) added a second puppy to our family in January, cause we didn't have enough chaos in our lives! They are adorable and we're working on at home training for the time being.  Kiah turns one this week, and Caper will be one in June. 
  7. Family: create a (loose) vision for our next 5 years.  Things can change along the way but think about what we want to work towards in 5 years.  This will likely be accomplished on our anniversary in May when we will take a date for our 2nd Annual Off-Site Family Strategic Planning Session :)
    • Unsure: A May "date day" will not happen so we'll revise our anniversary plans to include the children, maybe a little family visioning exercise.  Would love to hear any ideas you have!  Our littlest told me she would cook and serve our anniversary dinner, but she can't use the stove so it would have to be cold food!
  8. Family: walk more as a family.
    • On track: We are certainly doing this given that there are no more activities and our only option if we want to get out is a walk in our neighbourhood.  We walk almost every day.
  9. Family: get better organized with a distribution of responsibilities (i.e. chores for kids, daily reading, remembering and repacking own bookbags, and so on).
    • On track: We set up a command centre space with chores and a weekly pay day for the kids.  They have to tell me what was completed in order to get paid (via Rooster).  It worked relatively well until everything shifted in March.  Now we're working to find a new normal of learning at home, while we're both still working our jobs.  That division of responsibilities is still a work in progress.
  10. Family: Cut expenses where possible to ensure 2021 is the year our Pool/Solar is paid off and we're officially debt free for life :D
    • On track: This has gone really well since there are no extra curricular activities we've gotten some refunds, have cancelled a number of plans, never eat out anymore (instead of 1-2 times a month) and so on. Currently, we are 15 months away from being mortgage-free!
  11. Family: Calculate and share net worth each quarter as we work towards financial independence!
    • On track: I published our first net worth update in February.  My original plan was to update this each quarter, but I'm not looking at our investments much at the moment. We continue to invest regularly, and that won't change but I'm not sure I want to know how much we've lost until it starts to rebound.  Long term, not short term for this area.


  1. This is a great overview, with lots of exciting progress made and still to come!

    I love that you'll be starting bee hives. My friend Shaidah has been raising bees for years, and they have so much honey to sell and give as gifts. It's amazing!

    Love the photos of your puppies. They're ADORABLE. ❤️

    1. Thanks Chrissy!! I actually talked to Shaidah (assuming she's the same Shaidah on the FB group) about her bees one day! I can't wait to get them going this summer :D

      And those puppies... So sweet, so much trouble, so amazing!!


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