“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” -Warren Buffett

Welcome to 2020! Goals for a new decade!

To start the new year off we have made a list of some key items we want to accomplish in 2020!!

As with everything in life, what we focus on and work towards is what we're most likely to accomplish.  If we make personal, family and career goals, I believe we will at the very least, move towards their achievement if not, actually achieve them!

Without further ado, here's our list!

  1. Amy write and publish 20 (or more) blog posts and share our site more frequently and in different places.
  2. Amy further refine our budget template and share this year.
  3. Amy lose 20 (or more pounds) and in turn reduce my blood pressure.
  4. Justin take on one paying photography client.
  5. Justin get a beehive up and running to supply our own honey and beeswax (and hopefully some awesome homemade gifts for next Christmas).
  6. Family: take the next step in Agility training with Kiah (our 9 month old puppy).
  7. Family: create a (loose) vision for our next 5 years.  Things can change along the way but think about what we want to work towards in 5 years.  This will likely be accomplished on our anniversary in May when we will take a date for our 2nd Annual Off-Site Family Strategic Planning Session :)
  8. Family: walk more as a family.
  9. Family: get better organized with a distribution of responsibilities (i.e. chores for kids, daily reading, remembering and repacking own bookbags, and so on).
  10. Family: Cut expenses where possible to ensure 2021 is the year our Pool/Solar is paid off and we're officially debt free for life :D
  11. Family: Calculate and share net worth each quarter as we work towards financial independence!

I feel like that's enough for now, but I will be adjusting this as we go this year, and posting updates from time to time on progress!  Here's to a productive and successful 2020!

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