“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” -Warren Buffett

In the Kitchen: Buying in Bulk and Unit Pricing

One of my favourite ways to save on food is buying in bulk (when it makes sense) and by looking at unit pricing.  I am not a stockpiler, I don't even have a deep freeze for my family of 4... However, certain things I know we will use up within a reasonable amount of time are always purchased in the most economical quantity!

Unit pricing is when you can look at the cost per unit (could be 100g, 1 item, etc.) so that you can more easily compare multiple products of different sizes.  For example, one package of raisins might cost $4.29 for 350 g.  Another might be $8.49 for 900g.  It's easy to look at it and think $8.49 is more expensive when in fact, for the quantity it's quite a bit cheaper.

Sunshine Blogger Award!

I was surprised and delighted to learn that I was nominated for my first-ever Sunshine Blogger Award! It's possible you've come across it on other blogs, but I'll share a little background info here in case you haven't.

What’s the Sunshine Blogger Award?

Sunshine blogger awards are a peer-given award.  They are awarded from blogger to blogger to recognize content creators who are sharing positive, inspiring stories, information and spreading sunshine within the blogging community.  It's a great way to find and explore some other blogs, and share the love in your blogging community!!  You can get to know each other better and may find some new favourites!

Goal Update - Q2 (late)

Life is still largely chaotic around here, piecing together child care for summer in absence of regular day camps... However in an attempt to stay on track with some of my big goals, I'm writing again.  This time, we're focusing on our (late) Q2 goal update for 2020!

Making a plan for life's unexpected twists and turns: Emergency Savings

2020 has taught me (and I suspect many others) is that we need to be prepared for the unexpected twists and turns life may throw at us!

This year has had many twists... Let's start with Covid-19. Who would've imagined?! There are others including wildfires, floods, and a mass shooting.  It has been heavy and sad.  It is all too much sometimes.  And yet in the midst of it, I'm grateful.  Grateful for my family, our home, our safety, our leaders, our country, our healthcare.  Grateful that these situations aren't our norm.  Grateful my kids feel save and have declared this the "best pandemic ever".  Grateful we aren't financially ruined by this.

In the Kitchen: Saving with less waste

This week I'm writing about three ways we've managed to save a bit of cash and lessen waste in the kitchen!  I've been striving for small changes we can make that over time, will add up to make an impact.  One of the biggest is reducing plastic waste in the kitchen.  Here are 3 of the ways I've managed a small change to do just that!

Goal Update - Q1 Covid Edition

Remember that time life was simple and we made plans and expected they would happen?  Yeah, last month.  And then... life changed, quickly, massively, and in ways we can hardly fathom.  In an effort to get back to normalcy in the midst of chaos, I'm using a brief moment of quiet to write.  We created some goals for our family for 2020 and it's time for our first quarterly update!  I'm pleased with some areas, others may be less realistic now that our life is... this.  Without further ado, here we go!

In the Kitchen: Chili and Muffins, two of our fav ways to save!

One of the biggest variable areas of our budget (that quickly gets out of control) is food spending.  We want to purchase and eat food that nourishes our bodies, improves our health and tastes delicious. 

I shop almost exclusively with PC Express (use my PC Insiders code for a discount for signing up: AE1629). This is the easiest way for me to compare unit pricing as I shop, take time to consider what I actually need and virtually remove impulse buys.  It also allows me to easily stick to a budget because I can see in front of my eyes a running total and adjust my meal planning/grocery list if I find we are going over my planned spending.  It also allows us to add to the grocery order throughout the week as we remember items we need, and checkout at a time I'm already out for something else.  It fits in beautifully around our life, and saves me over an hour a week that I used to spend walking the aisles of the grocery store. 

Our solar experience!

I've had a number of requests to share about our solar system and experience with "going solar".  We installed in June 2019 but weren't fully operational from a metering perspective until July.  We live in what is likely our "forever" home.  Which means we have no plans to leave, and life would have to take a very unexpected turn for that to happen.  So we've invested heavily in making it our dream house.  We installed our pool in 2018, tore down and built a new shed, have brought in fill, ripped down a wall, and so on.  We are making it ours.

Kids Bank Accounts

Today I'm writing about kids banking! Do you have a bank account for your child(ren)? If so, what do you love or hate about it? I feel like we are getting closer to needing them but so far the kids each just have "accounts" on the Rooster Money app.

2020 Net Worth Update #1

We've decided to forego actual numbers and share about our net worth in percentage terms. We want to share in an effort to open up conversations about money, but for now this is the approach we're most comfortable with.  So, here we go!

We hold the majority of our fixed assets in our home and vehicles.  Following that, we have a large portion in a defined benefit pension which will provide the majority of our income when I retire (likely at 55) for the rest of my life.  We also have a significant amount in Justin's work RRSPs, including an account funded by his employer.  We don't consider any of these amounts as money as we have access to as most would be very difficult to access before retirement and have significant tax implications.

Thrifting for Kids Clothes

One of my favourite ways to save money while raising 2 growing girls with very different tastes and needs is via thrift shopping for their clothes.

This is an obvious plus from a financial standpoint, as well as the reduced environmental impact.  When something gets ruined, as inevitably happens, I don't feel like I need to worry about how much I spent on it.  We make it into rags or another project and move on.

Welcome to 2020! Goals for a new decade!

To start the new year off we have made a list of some key items we want to accomplish in 2020!!

As with everything in life, what we focus on and work towards is what we're most likely to accomplish.  If we make personal, family and career goals, I believe we will at the very least, move towards their achievement if not, actually achieve them!