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Freezing food and a FlashFood Update

I want to share a quick update to start our week off! I'm working on a plan for the blog over the next few months now that the kids are back in school, so will have more regular posts and content to share soon!!

Since I first shared about the FlashFood app about two months ago, I have purchased over $54 worth of discounted food (well over $120 sticker value).  Thanks to referral bonuses from the people I've shared with, I only paid out of pocket $21 for all of it!!! That is a huge discount on one of our largest budget categories.

My kids LOVE yogurt so this has been one of the most frequent purchases on FlashFood.  I don't mind them eating yogurt past the best before date especially if it is individually packaged and was sealed until being consumed.  It's important to remember that best before IS NOT the same as bad after.

Another frequent purchase for us is meat that is close to expiry (which I freeze or cook right away).  On occasion, I also find bread and mini muffins for school lunches, which again freeze beautifully.

I have even bought cheese to freeze and then used to make AMAZING stuffed chicken breasts!  There are so many foods you can freeze to extend the life of and cut down on food waste.    Sometimes the texture changes (like cheese), so I like to grate it first if I'm planning to use it for pizza or similar.  Otherwise, I use cheese that is a bit crumby for other things I am cooking like the stuffed chicken breasts.  They were delicious and it's really no extra work to use frozen cheese in this case as it was a bit crumby so I broke it apart and it was perfect!

What are your favourite FlashFood purchases?  And if you haven't used it yet, what's stopping you?  Use my referral link and get a $5 credit when you make your first purchase of $0.50.

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