“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” -Warren Buffett

Where does your money go?!

Today I want to talk about where our money goes!  We spend a fair amount each month/year for insurance (home and auto), property tax, food, gas and misc spending (I'm looking at you amazon!).  We've shared tips on reducing expenditures on insurance, food and other bills, but I want to know what other areas you are spending in that we should talk about in more detail!  I love learning from how others adjust their habits and being encouraged to adjust ours further as we work to achieve our financial goals.

Freezing food and a FlashFood Update

I want to share a quick update to start our week off! I'm working on a plan for the blog over the next few months now that the kids are back in school, so will have more regular posts and content to share soon!!

Since I first shared about the FlashFood app about two months ago, I have purchased over $54 worth of discounted food (well over $120 sticker value).  Thanks to referral bonuses from the people I've shared with, I only paid out of pocket $21 for all of it!!! That is a huge discount on one of our largest budget categories.