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Saving in the kitchen with PC Express Click and Collect and Flashfood

I have two tips to share today on saving money in the kitchen!  Groceries are one of our biggest variable expenses, and can be difficult to find new ways to save.  We already meal plan and try to avoid wasting food, but inevitably as I browse the store I end up picking up this or that along the way.

One tip that has been very successful for us in reducing our grocery bill, is signing up for PC Insiders and using their Click and Collect program.  We have significantly cut our grocery bill by avoiding impulse purchases, shopping what's on our list and taking a moment to go back over our entire cart before we check out and finalize our order.

By signing up for PC Insiders we have free click and collect all year, a free gift box of PC products, a $99 travel credit, bonus points on certain brands/products and free shipping on Joe Fresh/Shoppers items.   In just 6 months, we've accrued over $250 in value from this, and managed to score our membership on a half off sale for only $50.

If you want to sign up for PC Insiders using my code you can get 25% off an annual subscription! Insiders score extra PC Optimum points, skip fees on PC Express, and much more. Use my referral code to sign up: AE1466

The other area we've started using to save is call Flashfood.  Since using PC Click and Collect I do miss finding deals with "pink stickers" (half off) products nearing expiry, or just not worth the shelf space at my local store.  If I specifically ask my Click and Collect friends will grab them for me if they are there, but I don't always know what items are available.  Enter Flashfood.  It's an app, available in most (all?) Superstores where they photograph the discounted products and you can order them via the app and pick up in store.  This allows the stores to reduce food waste and you to  get deep discounts.  One of my best tips is for cheese.  If it's nearing the end of it's "best before" date, you can grate it up and toss it in the freezer to use on pizzas or other items in the future.

Same goes for many other breads, fruits, nuts and other products as they near expiry.  Often a tiny bit of work link and you can get a $5 credit for signing up!
to prep to freeze you can save a ton on products you are buying anyway!  If you want to try it out, use my

There you have it, two of my best tips to lower your grocery bill!

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