“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” -Warren Buffett

Finding your why

Over the last number of years, as we've focused more efforts on our financial journey, and as we've started documenting our financial story, I've been struck by the why of it all.  I think one of the important things to do if you want to set yourself on a path, is to answer your why.  Maybe it's a weight loss journey you are on, and your why is your health, or to be around to see grandchildren grow up.  Maybe it's a financial journey and your why is to retire early and spend more time in good health with your family.  Maybe it's a journey to simplify your life and move towards minimalism, and your why is to free up time and money and enjoy simple living.  Whatever your journey, it likely started with a why moment.

We have a couple of whys for our financial journey.  I think growing up without a lot of excess drove Justin especially to make sure he never had to worry about finances.  For me, I crave stability and security so one of my biggest whys is to never have to worry about being able to afford something.  That doesn't mean we go out and make reckless purchases all the time, or buy more and more and more, but it means when a $1,200 power bill comes in (this has happened to us more than once due to high electric prices and our house only having electric heat!) , I don't want to have to wonder if I can pay that and still buy groceries that week.

Your why will be important because these things are worth pursing but they will take work, and sustained effort and focus over time.  Be it weight loss, or saving money, or whatever else your goal is, it won't happen instantly!  Good habits are critical, but they take work.  If you haven't answered your why it's easy to lose resolve when it's hard.  It may mean saying no to dinner out one week, because you need to achieve a certain financial goal that month, or putting off a purchase until you can pay cash.  But the thing I've learned through this, is that it makes achieving that goal all the sweeter when you've done the hard work up front!!

What is your why? And what are you working towards achieving?

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