“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken.” -Warren Buffett

Ways to simplify your home... and make money!

Part of living the life we've always dreamed of is about focusing our time and energy on the areas that are important to us and minimizing the time and effort that goes towards areas that aren't a priority. One of the big ways we do this is by simplifying as much of our life as possible so we can put our time
and money where it counts. Today I'll share several ways to simplify your home and life and make money in the process!

Tip #1: Selling items around the house. We've had great success selling many unwanted and unneeded items on online buy/sell sites. We've had weeks where we've made more money selling our used items online than we made at our full time jobs! It's a great way to get rid of unused possessions, creating future space while also generating some extra income!

Tip #2: Avoid buying in the first place! This will save time, money and often times you'll realize you can make do without the new item, by re-purposing something you already own. If you are going to purchase something new, have an idea of what you need, don't just pick things up cause they are a good deal, etc. If you can, try to wait 24 hours after you see something before making a decision to purchase it.

Consider local buy nothing groups, borrowing from a library (books, tool libraries, and so on), or a friend. There are so many ways to reduce consumption and financial burden by choosing not to buy in the first place! We find that purchasing online allows us to avoid impulse buys. You can often find free shipping, coupon codes and have the ability to leave something in your cart while you think about if you truly need it or not.

Tip #3: Cut down clutter! This will help your home require less cleaning, organizing and time invested in your stuff, freeing up more time to just enjoy your life! This is my favourite tip, and one I see more and more each time we clean up another area.

The journey to less stuff and more freedom isn't a one time thing. You don't clean up and never have to do it again. It is a continually journey of small choices made over and over again that leads to less waste, less stuff, less cleaning and hopefully more money in your pocket!

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