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Ways to Save! Kids Lunches

From time to time we'll post some tips and tricks on the blog titled Ways to Save! The first one is our top two tips for packing kids school/daycare lunches! Our kids are in maternelle (grade Primary/Kindergarten) and deuxième année (grade 2) so we've only been packing lunches for a couple of years. But in that time we've figured out some
ways to save, that add up quickly over time.

Tip #1: Skip the juice boxes! When I was a child, everyone had juice boxes in their lunch. We never purchased them before our kids started school, and only used them for that, but I found they were SO expensive! Not to mention, we generally cut their juice 50/50 with water to cut back on the sugar they are drinking. This year we discovered these reusable juice boxes on Amazon.

They are about $13, but where we live we have a deposit of $0.10 on each tetra pack, and the kids don't bring them home to collect that money. So we spend $0.50 per kid each week on garbage. Not to mention the price of the juice purchased that way, rather than in containers. We figured out within 3-4 months of regular use, the cost would be saved and I feel so much better not purchasing all that plastic that just goes in a landfill!!! Our kids have been using them since September, they still look brand new, you can also buy replacement gaskets if you need to, so when they go you don't have to replace the entire product. Another way to save. 

Now we fill our kids juice boxes with ice, then add juice (or milk for our milk drinker). They are both happy, have a bit more water in their day instead of sugar, but still get their lunch time drink of choice! And we're happy cause there's less money and garbage going out the door! 

Tip #2: Skip the plastic! This includes things like lunch mates, plastic bags, plastic wrap and so on. Lunch mates can be easily made at home! When I know my kids really want them, I buy a box of crackers, some cheese and a package of kielbasa sausage and spend a few minutes on the weekend making up a week's worth of them for a fraction of the cost. We use these reusable muffin cups to divide the foods in their lunch container - the kids LOVE the rainbow colours them come in.

Tip #3: We also use reusable bags for fruit and other food in their lunches. Mine were made locally but are similar to this. We have had them for years, they stand up to regular wear, can be washed by hand or in the washer and dryer and I have no problem with leaks or them keeping food fresh. I wouldn't pack liquids in them, but they do fine with wet fruit and so on!

So there you have it, our top two tips for kids lunches, for a greener earth and more green in your wallet!!

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